NEA Speedway

2013 Street Stock Rules

All General and Safety Rules apply.

A. Body and Weight

1. Any American coupe, sedan, or truck with a 101” or greater stock wheelbase.
2. The chassis, engine, and body must be the same make (i.e.: no Ford engines in GM cars).
3. No convertibles. Wagons and hardtops are legal.
4. No coil-over spring cars.
5. Complete stock appearing bodies and bumpers are required. Fabricated replacement body parts must be made to strongly resemble factory body parts.
6. Bumpers must be chained/secured to the frame in such a manner to keep them from dropping onto the track and/or being dragged along the track.
7. If the grill is removed, expanded metal must be put in its place.
8. All doors must be welded, chained, or bolted shut.
9. All trim and accessories must be removed from the sides, front, and rear of the body, including chrome moldings, trim rings, emblems, windshield wipers etc.
10. All glass must be removed, including lights and lenses.
11. All flammable interior parts must be removed.
12. Inner fenders may be removed.
13. A racing seat must be used.
14. The hood and trunk must be welded, chained, or pinned down.
15. All under-hood accessories may be removed.
16. All holes in the firewall must be covered in steel (not aluminum) of at least the same strength as the firewall.
17. The battery must be secured and separated from the driver.
18. Uni-bodies must be tied together.
19. The factory floor pan, or equivalent material, must extend rearward past the driver’s seat.
20. If the car has an enclosed interior, it must have an inspection door that can be easily detached or opened with a hinge or dzus fasteners.
21. The car with driver must weigh at least 3000 pounds at the end of each race.

B. Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are mandatory and must be securely installed, in the trunk area, with at least two 1” wide by 1/8” thick steel straps.

C. Engine and Transmission

1. The #1 plug must be even with, or in front of, the upper ball joint.
2. Any OEM-style iron block may be used.
3. No aluminum heads are permitted. Cast iron heads only.
4. Any style camshaft, lifters, and rockers may be used.
5. Any style intake and headers are legal.
6. No magneto-style or crank-trigger ignition systems.
7. All engine parts must remain GM-GM, Ford-Ford, Chrysler-Chrysler.
8. All cars must use factory automatic or manual (3 or 4 speed) transmission. No aftermarket transmissions.
9. If using a manual transmission, the clutch must be mounted to the crankshaft. Ram couplers or similar devices are not permitted.
10. Fluid lock automatics and mini clutch standards are permitted on stock flywheels.
11. All cars must have a steel scatter-proof bell housing.
12. All cars must have neutral, reverse, and at least two forward gears. Cars must start in neutral using a working starter and then go into forward and reverse gears.
13. No traction control devices of any kind are permitted.

D. Carb and Fuel

1. A Holley #4412 500 CFM 2 barrel must be used.
2. The carb must pass inspection from the top side with the track go/no-go gauge.
3. The bottom of the carb must be no larger than 1 11/16”
4. The ventura must remain stock, 1 3/8” size.
5. One inch maximum carb spacer including adapter if used.
6. No electric fuel pumps.
7. All cars must run gasoline. No alcohol, additives, or nitrous oxide allowed.

E. Suspensions, Steering, and Brakes

1. All cars must remain on the correct suspension for the car that it is under.
2. Racing springs allowed on front and rear.
3. Rear springs must be mounted in stock location.
4. Racing shocks are allowed.
5. Front shock must be mounted in stock location.
6. Rear suspension components must mount in stock location.
7. All control arms must be stock length and mount in stock frame locations.
8. Front lower control arms must remain OEM style.
9. Front upper control arms must be non-adjustable. Tubular upper control arms may be used.
10. Rack-and-pinion steering only allowed if the car came with it stock from the factory.
11. All cars must have a functioning brake on all four wheels.
12. Aftermarket brake pedals and master cylinders are allowed.

F. Tires and Wheels

1. Steel racing wheels are required with a maximum width of 10 inches. Beadlocks are permitted and are recommended on the right rear.
2. Studs must be 5/8” diameter and utilize a 1” lugnut.
3. Any asphalt pull-offs are allowed, but they must not be softer than a 50 compound.
4. No recaps are allowed.


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