NEA Speedway

2013 E-Modified Rules

All General and Safety Rules apply.

All Modified rules apply with the following additions.

A. Body, Suspension, and Weight

1. Spoilers will not be permitted.
2. Wicker bills and any other “fin” that alters the aerodynamics of the car will not be permitted.
3. Each car must have a 6” (minimum) mud flap that extends down, toward the ground, from the back of the deck.
4. Lower control arms must be non-adjustable, geometrically similar to OEM, left and right, and of the same design.
5. The car and driver must weigh 2750 pounds after each race.
6. All cars must have a functioning brake on all four wheels.

B. Engine and Drivetrain

1. Engines are not to exceed 362 cubic inches for GM blocks, 361 cubic inches for Ford blocks, and 370 cubic inches for Chrysler blocks.
2. Stroker engines are not allowed.
3. Camshaft must not exceed .480” of lift at the valve -OR- engine must pull 16 inches of vacuum at 1200 RPM.
4. Roller camshafts are not allowed.
5. No aluminum heads. Only OEM and SR (Stock Replacement) cast iron heads are allowed. Vortec heads are legal. No GM angle plug heads of any kind. GM heads must be 23 degree. No SVO or SB2 heads. 2.02” intake, 1.6” exhaust valve size maximum.
6. No porting, polishing, acid dipping, or port matching of heads or intake.
7. No tri-y or exotic headers are allowed.
8. No mismatching parts. Engines must be GM-GM, Ford-Ford, etc.
9. No aluminum parts except for intakes, pulleys, valve covers, radiator, water pumps, roller rocker arms, and flywheel.
10. No magnetos or crank fire ignition systems will be permitted.
11. Each car must use an MSD box capable of limiting RPMs with a maximum 6200 RPM chip. Dial adjusters will not be permitted. The chips will be tested using the track gauge and will be allowed a +50 RPM tolerance.
12. The MSD box and chip must be mounted out of the driver’s reach and may not be accessed or altered in any way during competition.
13. Each car must use only one 12-volt battery.
14. Standard Transmission-OEM 3 or 4 speed only. 10” minimum clutch, fly-wheel, and pressure plate.
15. Automatic Transmission-Must have working, 10” minimum torque converter.
16. All cars must have neutral, reverse, and at least two forward gears. Cars must start in neutral using a working starter and then go into forward and reverse gears.
17. No aftermarket transmissions.
18. All cars must have a steel scatter-proof bell housing.
19. Quick change rear ends are not permitted.
20. No traction control devices of any kind are permitted.

C. Carb and Fuel

1. Carb can be no larger than a Holley #4412 500 CFM two barrel and must pass inspection from the top side with the track gauge.
2. The bottom of the carb can be no larger than 1 11/16” in diameter with stock ventura (1 3/8”) and must also pass inspection with the track gauge.
3. One inch maximum carb spacer including adapter if used.
4. Alcohol or racing gas may be used. Additives are illegal except for top-end lube.
5. Belt drive fuel/oil systems are not allowed.

D. Tires and Wheels

1. Approved tires-Asphalt take-offs, American Racer KK704, KK704 Short, or Hoosier G60-15 with or without stamp.
2. No tires softer than a 50 compound allowed.
3. Only 8” or 10” steel wheels are permitted. Beadlocks are permitted and are recommended on the right rear.

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