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2013 Bone Stock

Bone Stock

This class is designed to be a fun, cheap, entry level class to provide anyone an opportunity to race. If you are looking for a serious class, Bone Stock is not for you.

1. Any full frame American-made sedan (4-Door), station wagon, or pickup truck may be
2. All interior and exterior glass and plastic must be removed.
3. A minimum six point cage must be installed in each car with two points at the base of the
firewall, two points at the base of the hoop (directly behind the driver(s)), and two points extending to the rear of the frame to ensure the hoop does not collapse.
4. All cars must have door bars to protect the driver(s). If two drivers are present, door bars
must be in place in both front doors.
5. Racing seats must be installed for all participants.
6. Five point harnesses must be used by all participants
7. Fire suits and approved helmets must be used by all participants.
8. If NEA staff members deem a car unsafe, it will not be able to compete.
9. The engine, transmission, drivetrain, and suspension must remain bone stock and must
match the vehicle that it is in.
10. If fuel injection came stock on the vehicle, it may be used.
11. If an electric fuel pump came stock on the vehicle, it may be used, but an oil pressure
shutoff switch must be installed to cut power to the fuel pump if oil pressure is lost.
12. A maximum 8 inch wheel may be used. Wheels can be aftermarket, but beadlocks are
not allowed.
13. A maximum 60-series, unaltered DOT street tire must be used.
14. Any driver competing in another class must pay an additional $25 entry fee.
15. This class will run a feature only at the end of the night’s event. Starting position will be
determined by pill draw at the beginning of the night.
16. A coin will be flipped before the beginning of the feature to determine if the race will be
run turning left or right.
17. The winner will receive $100, 2nd place will receive $50, and 3rd place will receive $25.
18. Any car may be claimed for $1500 by anyone on the property with a valid pit pass. Any
claims must take place after the feature race.

Note: More rules might be necessary as we near the beginning of competition for this class. We will begin running this class after the start of the 2013 season. An official start date will be announced at a later date.


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