A taxi service is an alternative mode of transport that passengers take to transport themselves to destinations in Kuala Lumpur. Many people prefer the KLIA Express Train or the Skybus to take them to central Kuala Lumpur which is the challenge for taxi operators need to overcome.

Save for a few companies, taxi services in the KLIA are marred by scammers and hard-headed drivers who refuse to use their taxi meters when transporting passengers from the airport. Others can charge a flat fee that is non-negotiable which would result in the passenger paying more than they should for their trip on a taxi.

Airport Limo (M) Sdn Bhd is a taxi service company run by a group of licensed taxi driver-operators in Klang Valley specialised in airport taxi services. They are a legitimate company who have trained drivers driving taxi’s that transport passengers from KLIA to their destinations in Kuala Lumpur or vice versa.

Passengers can also book a taxi ahead of time to make sure they have a ride once they arrive at KLIA.

Passengers can rely on them to always have a driver on stand-by for pick-ups or transport anywhere in KL.

You won’t have to wait in line at the airport. You won’t have to be worried that there are no taxi’s passing by your neighborhood. Taxi operators will be there to take in your request at any time in the day.

A business man looking to get to their destination as fast as possible can hire a taxi service to be there ready to transport you once you arrive at the airport. The operator will schedule a taxi pick-up waiting at the airport so you don’t need to worry about getting delayed.

You can even choose from different taxi cabs that will pick you up. There are budget taxi’s, premiere limos, MPV’s, and Family Vans that can transport you to any of their destination zones in Kuala Lumpur or hotels in the city.

There are 11 destination zones. Each zone covers specific destinations in KL and clients can just pick the destination where they want to go or be picked-up from for transport. It is very convenient because you don’t need to worry about not being able to get a taxi where you’re from because the company can send a driver to any part of the city.

Tourists need not worry about travelling separately in KL because the company’s fleet of taxi’s include the standard-sized taxis, premium taxis, MPV’s, and Vans which can carry a maximum of 3, 4, 5, and 10 passengers, respectively.

Booking taxis can be hard to do with other companies. There are two booking options available, direct and online.

The direct booking option can be done by sending client information and booking information to the company number and it will be set within 1 hour.

The online booking option has similar steps but it is done through their website. Both services are available 24/7 which means you don’t have to worry about taxi operators not being able to pick-up or entertain your request for services.

For people looking for taxi transport to/from KLIA should try them because they have a fleet of taxi cabs available for pick-up and transport 24/7 which can be scheduled as well. They are one of the best taxi companies with a reliable online presence operating in KLIA.